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Since 1998, the management consultants at Commercial Resources have helped thousands of owners, like you, develop and implement effective planning to reach their goals and maximize profit. We are dedicated to helping business owners improve their business and maximize profit. Working together, we study every facet of your organization, how it functions, and identify the key issues and challenges facing your business. Based on your goals & the results of our analysis, a plan is developed specifically for your business. We work with you to implement your plan, maximize profits, & grow your business based on the goals you’ve set and the outcome you’ve determined. Discover how our “results, not reports” approach has helped thousands of business owners, like you, grow their business, & maximize profits!

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Business Services

Turnaround Consulting Services – Identifying Business Needs and Solutions to Improve Profits, Cash Flow, and Management.

A business analysis is the discipline of identifying business needs and solutions to problems.

  • Our business analyst performs a competitive analysis of your business vs. peer businesses performing in the top twenty-five percent of your industry.
  • We identify strengths and weaknesses as they pertain to operations, management, and most importantly, their corresponding relationship to profits.
  • We quantify the potential benefits that will result from the corrective action taken by you, our client, in addressing those issues in terms of dollar savings, organizational effectiveness and ease of operations.

Whether you’ve got yourself in a dire situation that requires immediate and definitive action, or you simply want to make your company more profitable to sell, we can assist you. Our emphasis is on getting quick, measurable results by working closely with ownership. Because you are the expert in your business, we work directly with you taking in your expertise and combining it with our knowledge of improved profits. We assist with developing, designing, and as needed, implementing permanent changes.

Through an effective analysis and planning processes, our turnaround consultants have returned numerous companies to a healthy position, helping them identify and address the key issues in their operations. Each executable turnaround strategy is developed for the specific needs of the individual business, and includes a focus on:

  • Cash Generation and Cash Flow Management
    • Determine immediate cash flow needs
    • Drive top line revenue
    • Acceleration of collections processes
    • Renegotiate debt payments
    • Term out payables
  • Business Development
    • Meeting and negotiating with banks, financial institutions, vendors and landlords
    • Eliminate non-profitable business segments or customers

If you are one of the thousands of small or medium-sized businesses struggling to compete in your industry, and feeling the strain of an uncertain future, the turnaround consulting and crisis management professionals of Commercial Resources are ready to help you bring your business back from the brink.